The Noise Boys Warranty covers any inherent defect caused as a direct result of the basic materials or workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from incorrect, inadequate or negligent application of the product. There will be no claim on labour and consumables.

Warranty on Mildsteel Exhausts

Universal silencers have a 12 month warranty

Warranty on Aluminised steel Exhausts

Universal silencers have a 18 month warranty

Warranty on Stainless Steel Exhausts

Universal silencers have a 60 month guarantee.

Documentation Required

The following documentation / information must accompany each claimed item:

Original invoice including:

    • Client name and telephone number.
    • Date of installation.
    • Description of work done must be on the invoice.
    • Date and invoice number pertaining to the product replacement (copy invoice).

Warranty Procedure

Contact Noise Boys Centurion for assistance. Our promise is: “service what a pleasure”. A customer can contact us with the aforementioned documentation for immediate action.